About This Webinar

At a time when video is abounding and competition to make a sale is mounting, you and your team need to find ways to break through the noise with media and messages that work. We know that adding to or changing your sales process is an exercise in change management and is almost always challenging, which is why a playbook is so important. 

KZO is about to launch the official Sales Video Playbook. Here you will find sample videos, customizable scripts, and expected results based on what real sales teams have seen using video.

Join us for this 30 minute overview and gain access to the official playbook as part of the experience.

Brad Layman

VP, Sales, KZO

“My sales team is more passionate than ever about the work they do because video has turned the sales process into a relationship building opportunity and these relationships are proving themselves out through our pipeline.”

Jeff Fissel

VP, Solutions, KZO

“We didn’t want to create technology for the sake of technology. We wanted to create a technology for sales people to try on, get creative, and see results. We know that this can only happen when we share best practices and successes which is why we are so excited about the Sales Video Playbook.”

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Video is the New Norm. Managing Video is a Competitive Advantage.

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