About This Webinar

The demand for knowledge is increasing every day, as is the sheer volume of knowledge that is available to an organization and its team members. At the same time, organizations are facing the retirement of significant numbers of their knowledge workers. These realities are making it critical to reduce time to competency. To bring team members up to speed quickly and help them work independently, the learning and knowledge teams must work together effectively, use innovative thinking and technologies, and ensure that knowledge is not only shared but also protected. 

In this webcast, you will learn more about 

  • the current situation of how learning and knowledge management teams work together.
  • key forces driving both teams to change.
  • presenting a strategy for building a partnership focused on delivering faster time to competency. 
  • technologies that can help to foster knowledge sharing.

Emily Dunn and Adam Krob


A life-long learner, Emily has spent her entire career enhancing her skills in the training industry. Much of her focus has been spent on eLearning design and development, and most recently, she has been exploring the connection between knowledge management and learning. Emily is an Enablement Designer at Anaplan.

For more than two decades, Dr. Adam Krob has studied how to use knowledge management practices to uncover and deliver tangible, long-lasting value for organizations. His work focuses on how sharing knowledge across organizations can increase productivity for entire teams and decrease the time to competency for new team members. He is the Co-founder and CIO of Klever and lives with his wife and daughter in New Orleans.


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