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In this webcast entitled Sales Video Boot CampTM, you’ll get the expertise of Steve Richard, expert sales coach and Chief Revenue Officer at ExecVision, coupled with the raw footage of sales people who are using video to reach prospects and close deals. Hear Steve Richard and AA-ISP’s Bob Perkins talk about what makes a great sales video, when coaching is critical to effectiveness, and when it’s time to let go and let your sales people get creative. If you’re responsible for selling or managing a team that is, you’ll benefit from joining us and exploring the impact made adding video to your sales process. 


Steve Richard

Chief Revenue Officer, ExecVision

Steve is the CRO of ExecVision and the founder of Vorsight. Steve’s mission and his life’s work is to help sales professionals become wildly successful. After 10 years as a sales trainer, he has learned that the only way to achieve his mission is through the use of technology to help more sales professionals worldwide.

Bob Perkins

Chairman & Co-Founder, AA-ISP

Bob Perkins has extensive executive experience building and leading highly successful inside sales organizations. During his career he has created unique inside sales systems and structures, including team selling models, compensation plans, rewards and recognition programs, performance management tools, and sales campaigns which have been adopted by many of the nation’s largest companies.

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Video is the New Norm. Managing Video is a Competitive Advantage.

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