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View our conversation with SAP’s Global VP of Digital Transformation, Learning & Enablement. Glen Lally talk about how sales enablement can transform sales performance at the territory, account, and deal levels by giving sales representatives the information they need, when they need it. Learn about some of the most innovative techniques in insight-driven coaching, microenablement, and next-generation technologies such as video communication, sales coaching bots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Glen will be facilitating ATD Learn Now: Just-in-Time Sales Enablement, December 7 – 8, in San Francisco, CA. To register for this event, click here.

Glen Lally

Global Vice President of Digital Transformation, Learning & Enablement, SAP

Glen Lally is a passionate innovative leader who consistently enables large organizations to transform and excel in their business by focusing on performance analytics, transformational leadership, and business innovation. Glen is an expert in enablement (sales and technical), competency modeling, and performance consulting. He is currently the Global Vice President for Digital Transformation, Learning & Enablement at SAP. His main focus is delivering just-in-time enablement in a smart, scalable and personalized way for the organization.

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