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Here’s what we hear: Learning professionals love the idea of incorporating video with their learning programs. Here’s what we know, Incorporating video with a learning program requires some change management, but the effort done right is effective and will drive engagement, learning transfer, and best of all, loyalty for the company, the role, and skill development. In this webcast, Brent Schlenker — an expert in building communities of learners, will share with you how you can build strong learning communities around video and innovative learning technologies. Brent will use personal examples and lessons learned of communities that have worked and those that have failed. You will also have the chance to contribute to our own community of innovative learning professionals. Please join us for this 60 minute session and come with your questions, pain points, and success stories. 

Brent Schlenker

Community Manager for dominKnow / Co-Founder, TLDC.us & Host, #TLDCast #TLDChat

For more than 20 years, Brent has been building and managing training teams, implementing learning management systems, building training curricula, developing learning solutions, and producing media. He has worked with within sales, manufacturing, software development, SaaS systems, planning and logistics, and high tech related industries to build stringer learning cultures. Throughout his career, Brent has been a learning industry influencer with extensive speaking and event programing experience, including his most recent, the TLDC brand which includes a daily livestream, #TLDChat, and an annual conference, TLDC, The Training, Learning and Development Conference.

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Video is the New Norm. Managing Video is a Competitive Advantage.

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