Quick Tip: Utilizing KZO Video Suite’s Search Capabilities

An aspect of the KZO Video Suite that many users often overlook is the search capability within the platform. The KZO Suite provides one of the most robust search engines that is available on the market today. Users should be aware of and able to use this feature.


With The KZO Suite, all search results are driven through the access control lists. A system administrator can set the controls on the Suite so, that users can’t discover videos which they do not have permission to see through search results. This way they will only find search results that display content which the administrator has given them permission to view. Enterprises can and should use this option to their benefit. KZO Video Suite’s search function will only bring back results on metadata, video (titles, chapters, descriptions), threaded discussions (collaboration) around the video, associated closed captions if available and even text on accompanying slides.

The search results around chapters, threaded discussions, closed captions and text on slides is all time based. Time based means the user can easily jump into the part of the video in which the search term is used. After reading today’s tip, readers will be inspired to use the robust search capability of the KZO Video Suite. In the coming months, users should be on the lookout for a new feature in the KZO Suite where administrators can embed KZO search results in any webpage.

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