User Authentication

Why is User Authentication important?

The most obvious answer to this question is that you want to ensure only authorized viewers have access to your videos.  Many video solutions provide the concept of ‘private’ videos, but in most cases they are not truly secure, they are just private links and if anyone shares the link others will be able to view that video content.  Even if you are just embedding a video in your LMS or SharePoint page, you still want to leverage user authentication so that you can ensure secure access of your video content.  Just embedding a video on a secure page is not always secure, so make sure your video delivery platform is authenticating users.

Another benefit user authentication provides is you will know who is watching your videos.  In most cases you can get standard viewing metrics that include views and duration of views, but without user authentication in place you are not able to relate those metrics to individual users. 

Easy ways to accomplish User Authentication

–          Leverage a Single Sign On (SSO) solution.  These are commonly SAML2.0 based and allow different enterprise systems to exchange user information and validate permissions seamlessly to the end user.  In this solution a user will never be prompted for a login, but their access will be authenticated and secured. 

–          Authenticate your Video Platform directly to your Active Directory or LDAP server.  This will allow users to login to view the videos with the same credentials that use to access other resources on your corporate network.

–          Leverage pre-built SSO integrations between different applications.  For example KZO provides a App that allows for SSO between any platform and their KZO platform.   This would allow video owners to easily secure their video access. 


Jeff Fissel is the Vice President of Solutions for KZO Innovations. You can find him on LinkedIn if you would like to connect! 

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