Top 3 Reasons Why Video Should be Your Go-To Medium When it Comes to Reaching Your Employees, Prospects and Customers

No matter what your role, connecting with others is an essential part of moving initiatives forward. Video is proving itself as one of the best forms of media when it comes to reaching and impacting your viewer. Here’s why:

Video makes it easier for our brain to interpret content

It’s more natural and easier for our minds to process and learn new things if they are effectively presented to reach more than one of our senses. When our eyes see text, our brain must decode the characters to letters, the letters to words, and the words to sentences before a message is conveyed. While we all know this process works, it takes additional time for our brain to process; whereas with video, the brain skips the first few steps and goes right to processing the message. Less power is spent on decoding signals leaving more power to focus on the content.  

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The Majority of People are Hands-On Learners…But How Can You Be…EVERYWHERE?

In a study done by the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, the most preferred learning style was kinaesthetic (practical/hands-on learning), followed by visual, auditory and read and write. You can create a practical experience with video. By setting “the stage”, building a storyboard, and delivering the right tone, you can provoke a near-there communication experience. With tools like KZO Drive, you even receive analytics regarding when someone is watching your video, where they started and where they stopped. This type of intelligence can help you to catch your viewer when they may need you most.

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Video is Where it’s At

YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. We realize that you don’t want to use YouTube but the point is that if more than a billion people are spend time on videos, they are training themselves to accept content through video. As a business, you need to follow those trends and reach your employees, prospects, and customers with a medium that they are accustomed to using.

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