Time Warner Cable Uses Video and the KZO Innovations Video Suite

In a recent webinar with Time Warner Cable’s Maria Leggett, we learned how the second largest cable company in the U.S. is using video to move the needle. Time Warner Cable has been using KZO Innovations to create and manage video through its enterprise and using KZO Innovations’ engagement tools to keep its team members engaged with its content.

In her presentation, “Using Video for Performance Support”, Maria tells about why video was chosen as a media for making learning a competitive advantage. Her immediate objectives were to deliver a consistent brand experience, develop employee agility, and build employee capability across the company footprint.

Some of the highlights in her presentation speak directly to how KZO Innovations has helped Time Warner Cable to build and strengthen its performance support strategy. In combination with other learning vendors, including an LMS provider and a knowledge management system, Maria, in her own words, describes how video allows for all of the following to happen:

We can now create flexible and scalable learning that delivers a clear consistent message which is very powerful for the TWC sales audience to enable sales with customers.

We have visual appeal. According to the author of Brain Rules, Dr. John Medina, we are really good at remembering pictures — video lets that happen.

We need to repeat to remember. Again, Dr. Medina defines the retention period for our brains to hold information is 30 seconds for 7 pieces of information.

We want repeat exposure to information at spaced intervals to create fixed memory. We needed our team members to review/watch videos and learning at their own pace.

We want to create an emotion connection.

View this webinar on demand to see exactly how KZO Innovations worked with Time Warner Cable to make this all a reality.



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