The KZO Suite for Mobile

Mobile video is a hot topic right now for businesses and enterprises as tablets (iPads and Android phones like the Samsung galaxy) become more prevalent in use. At the moment Mobile video is expected to double in traffic every year up until 2015 according to the Mobile Video Global Summit. Many companies are updating their products to make them more mobile accessible like for example: Opera just updated their application for Android to make it easier to watch and download videos. KZO Innovations was at the forefront of this trend when it came to mobile viewing technology with the KZO Video Suite.

Anyone can upload a video to the KZO Video Suite with the confidence that the video will play for viewers on mobile or desktop devices. The KZO Suite encodes all videos automatically into several formats as well as multiple bit rates, which is a process that is seamless and unnoticed in most cases by the video owner. When viewers prompt a KZO video to play, the KZO video player intelligently determines what version of our player to use (Flash or HTML5, depending on the device). The user doesn’t have to do any work in order to receive the video in the correct version.

The player actively monitors the viewer’s connection speed and delivers the optimal bit rate of that video to the viewer (highest quality, medium quality or lowest quality). Viewers can also select which quality stream they prefer instead of relying on the KZO player to adjust the stream on their behalf. This powerful encoding and distribution technology makes it easy for any non-technical user to manage their own video content as well as view video content on any device with a consistent experience every time.

Mobile video options can be used for a variety of different methods related to information communication. Notably in a recent post, we discussed how valuable secure mobile video is for just-in-time learning in the field (like in the electrical utility industry).

The Salesforce KZO application also allows on-the-go sales professionals to access information while they work. It allows sales professionals to look at videos with mobile enabled viewing through the KZO application in conjunction with Salesforce. Just a reminder, KZO is able to display video content in both Flash® and HTML5, which allows for viewing of video content on all mobile devices as well as tablets.

Our Vice President for Solutions, Jeff Fissel wrote about the importance of on-the-go training and learning for the workforce back in early 2012. Mobile training is also a great way for companies to leverage video while saving money in addition to having the ability to train workers in the field.

Additionally, you may also enjoy reading this article on mobile video and how the technology is advancing in the market place from The San Francisco Chronicle.

If you have any more questions about mobile video and the KZO Suite please contact us. Deborah K. Corey is the Marketing Associate and blogger for KZO Innovations. 

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