Video in the digital workplace

How Video Adds Faces and Value to Digital Workplaces

Digital workplaces today must be video-friendly in order to keep pace with consumer interests. Skype reported that 35% of its 2 billion minutes of traffic – some video and some voice-only – is business-related (Gartner). A significant proportion of CEOs indicated that communication styles are changing. According to a survey conducted by Kaltura, employees watch, 

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videos are effective in training

Why Videos are Effective in Training

Video is being increasingly utilized as an educational tool – but why? Why should you be sure to include videos in your training method? Here, we’ll answer these questions and illustrate why exactly videos are effective in training. So, let’s tie video to learning. Video allows for variation in instructional delivery, which helps with learning 

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eLearning Video Don’ts for Employers

About the Author: Mariana Ashley is a freelance blogger who loves to share her knowledge about mLearning, eLearning, and online schools. Mariana appreciates feedback and welcomes your questions and comments. You can contact her at mariana.ashley031(at) Creating a video is arguably the most effective way to instruct employees. However, that doesn’t mean that all videos are effective 

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Going Beyond Video Marketing, How Employee Generated Video Content Can Benefit Your Company

While video is commonly used for outbound marketing and can be a great way to add personality and a personal touch to a corporate website, video can also be used internally with benefits for both company and employee. Video generated by employees, specifically content restricted to those within the company, can be a powerful knowledge 

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