Sales Enablement

Have you considered a just-in-time learning approach to boost your sales performance?

In sales, you may find yourself in a customer-facing situation when you least expect it and your response in those situations is critical. Whether you need to find information or present your product or service, you’ll need to do so quickly and confidently.

KZO Innovation’s video platform makes sales enablement easy. Your sales people or product and service managers can record and upload demos, share feature updates, capture sales lessons, and collaborate around sales training lessons by commenting on videos and sharing those comments with the team.

We live in a time where personalization is key. The KZO Innovations video platform allows you to have a unique and personal interaction with all key prospects through video.


Reduce Sales Cycle Length & Increase Customer Engagement

Video presentations targeted at prospects and customers are accessible anytime on desktop and mobile devices to increase awareness of your company as well as product. Viewers have an opportunity to self-qualify their interest by watching videos, downloading relevant slides or other accompanying collateral, and engaging in Q&A with your company prior to interacting with a sales rep.


Improve Access to Video Presentations for Sales

Trainers, Product Managers and Sales Managers record video online, ensuring important information is communicated in less time with lower content creation cost. Updates are instantly searchable as well as accessible so viewers find exactly what they need and spend less time digging for resources.

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