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In a recent Harvard Business Review article, CEOs mentioned three things that keep them up at night: Talent Development, Operating in a Global Marketplace, and Regulation and Compliance. Your company is built on the talent and skills possessed and developed by your people and how they operate and comply with the knowledge they own. Your employees need to know how to apply their skills and knowledge in a way that helps the company achieve its goals.

KZO Innovations can help you give your employees ondemand access to job-specific training, corporate training, compliance information, and more. By using video and the KZO Innovations video platform, your company can leverage the power of video to provide online training materials, that can be tracked and used collaboratively. With KZO, you can record, distribute, and discuss all of your training videos, from compliance to leadership development to global business practices.


Use with Any Learning Management System

Learning teams rapidly develop online presentations and mobile learning content to put information in front of the learner, when and where it’s most convenient. Synchronize slides, index videos into Chapters, link to related resources and display it all in one integrated online video player. Social features let viewers share questions and comments, with visual pinpoints for specific areas of the screen to provide context. Email notifications drive experts and viewers back to the video presentations.


Easily Manage Video Content for Learning: Create & Update Online

Any trainer or subject matter expert can make changes to existing video presentations or create training at any time, from any browser. Updates are reflected instantly for all viewers, improving version control, even when content has already been distributed.

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