Knowledge Management

When employees leave your organization or change positions, where does the knowledge go?

Conversations, huddles, team meetings and water cooler chats are all ways of information exchange. But how do you capture the information that is exchanged inside of those critical meetings? Record them.

Using the KZO Innovations video platform, your employees can easily record with a phone or webcam, upload, and share their knowledge. Take that one step further and KZO Innovations helps your team chat about those recordings through collaborative commenting that is archived for the benefit of future users.

Video gives us opportunities to learn better and faster. Let the KZO Innovations platform help you to capture that efficiency and effectiveness.


Capture and Share Institutional Knowledge

Grant permission for any group or individual to capture new content or upload existing files for knowledge management. Content owners lend added context to any recording by time-synchronizing slide decks, attaching Closed Captioning files, indexing videos with Chapter bookmarks, posting relevant links, and responding to viewer comments. All content is parsed and becomes searchable to the exact moment-in-time that it is synchronized with the video, providing robust and specific video search data across the entire enterprise video platform.


Centralize and Streamline Video Management

Distribute recorded content to existing enterprise applications, including LMS’, SharePoint, Jive, LinkedIn, Twitter and from a centralized enterprise video platform. For a contained video content management strategy, restrict access to administrative functions. Privileges can also be assigned to groups or individuals to help business units become self-sufficient with video. In either case, all videos will have standardized encoding and consistent metadata formats. Support the video needs of any group by enabling users to upload existing recordings from any source, choose distribution options for public or private audiences, and select any variation of the online video player to optimize content for specific audiences and use cases.

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Video is the New Norm. Managing Video is a Competitive Advantage.

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