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At KZO Innovations, we are proud of our long standing relationships within the Federal Government, the Intelligence Community, and the Commercial sector. We have pioneered the use of video as a means to increase productivity, collaboration, and security since our inception. Our KZO platform makes it easy to securely create, communicate and collaborate around video-based content, especially in mobile environments.

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Training: Classroom, Distance & By Student

Working with our end users, we have been able to reduce training overhead and management costs, personnel requirements, and downtime, increase knowledge retention and training compliance by students, enhance effective video library usage, and provide an effective platform for self-study, distance learning, and material review.


Agency & Corporate Communications

From the C-Suite of a large corporation to the tactical team in austere environments, the KZO platform has assisted leaders at all levels, in pushing out concise, secure video messages and intelligence, while still allowing for and managing bottom up feedback across the organization.


Field Service Representatives

Grant permission for any group or individual to capture new content or upload existing files for knowledge management. Content owners lend added context to any recording by time-synchronizing slide decks, attaching Closed Captioning files, indexing videos with Chapter bookmarks, posting relevant links, and responding to viewer comments. All content is parsed and becomes searchable to the exact moment-in-time that it is synchronized with the video, providing robust and specific video search data across the entire enterprise video platform.


Capture Historic Knowledge

As Baby Boomers migrate out of the workforce, and GenX and Millennials find their niches, corporate and institutional knowledge is lost. KZO provides an incalculable ROI, by allowing agencies and corporations to capture practices via video, append to them with additional detail, and share them easily with people who need them most.


Documentation of Historic Projects

Research and Development, especially across diverse institutions, suffers from duplication and lack of dissemination. The KZO platform is uniquely qualified to act as a repository for project highlights and documentation, serving as a catalogue of R&D performed. This function allows end users to get quicker, more reliable dissemination of cutting edge technology and research, and from an Enterprise perspective provides awareness to the community on what work has already been performed and where precious R&D dollars should be spent.


Post Forensic and Intelligence Analysis

KZO’s security and collaboration functions provide an ideal tool for rapid, collaborative analysis of events by multiple groups in near real time. Further, the comments and analysis are preserved, documented, and searchable, within the video, providing the best and most reliable information to decision makers in a concise and timely format.


Recruiting and Onboarding

The KZO platform has been instrumental in the onboarding process for commercial companies. The platform allows companies the ability to provide new hires with an interactive tool to begin their learning processes, while the collaboration, commenting and search functionality aid in retention and enhance future training.


DOCEX and DOMEX Functions

The KZO platform’s ease of video and other data uploads make it an ideal platform for rapid exploitation and dissemination of media collected in a tactical environment. The KZO platform’s unique security and collaboration functions make it an essential tool for providing answers to pressing tactical requirements expeditiously.

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