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Think You Need a Corporate YouTube?

Once, you start using video, you’ll quickly see how effective it can be. What happens next is critical. Many companies turn to YouTube or Vimeo to store their growing video libraries. But large enterprises need more than what those commercial providers can offer.

The KZO video platform goes beyond storing video, and includes unique search functionality that allows employees to search inside videos down to a moment in time, and offers collaboration tools that make in-video discussions possible and available for future viewers.


Improve Video Accessibility & Increase Viewer Engagement

Email and RSS feeds alert content owners and viewers of new activity and updated content, driving participation and encouraging discussion about video presentations. Embeddable objects, Share Links and integration options help to easily weave video throughout existing enterprise applications for faster user adoption and seamless access.


Increase the ROI of your Video Assets

Increase the ROI of video content and your enterprise video platform by making content more relevant, searchable, and valuable to viewers through the use of accompanying slides or images, Chapters, hyperlinks to relevant resources and time-stamped viewer comments. The more each video is commented on, the more searchable it becomes as conversation builds around the content organically over time.

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Video is the New Norm. Managing Video is a Competitive Advantage.

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