Enterprise-Wide Video

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Time Saver

Quickly create content as you need it right from your mobile device and directly within the KZO platform. 

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with applications you’re already using, such as your LMS, CRM, and Sharepoint.

Detailed Analytics

Track detailed metric data for every user no matter where the video is watched and see that data in your LMS.


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Short and Digestible

Create quick videos with a single message and chunk up your long videos using our chaptering technology. 

Always Fresh Content

Short videos are inexpensive to create and easy to replace, keeping content fresh.

Share and Collaborate

Studies show that short videos are more frequently shared than other types of media. Allow your employees to create and share short videos while maintaining control through our permission-based platform.

User Generated Content

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Keep Control

Your employees are creating content all day long. Capture it by giving them a secure platform where they can create, curate,  share, and learn from video.

Invaluable Experience

Subject matter expertise is still needed for formal training but employee experience is invaluable. We can give your employees a place to share what they’ve learned and accomplished on the job today and everyday.

Knowledge Management

UGC lets employees offer their on-the-job experiences, best practices, and lessons learned to their peers.  Give your multi-generational workforce the chance to share what they know through a secure and searchable video platform.

Sales Enablement

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Effective Onboarding

Use video to introduce your company and product information to new employees to get them ready to sell faster and more effectively. Benefit from the “flipped classroom” methodology.

Role-Play and Coaching

Allow your sales reps to easily record their sales pitch and get meaningful moment-in-time feedback from managers and peers. 

Just-in-Time Learning

Quickly brush up on existing product information or learn about new product updates so your team is ready for every sales call. 

Corporate Communications

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Consistent Communication

Keep your company in sync through consistent messaging about company objectives and performance. Let employees weigh in with commenting features available directly within each video. 

Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Connect your diverse and remote global workforce through video messages available on demand and on any device. 

All Video In One Place

Keep all of your video content in one place. Whether it’s marketing, sales, training, or communications, we provide a permission-based platform that gives your employees access to what they need.