The Sales Playbook

People trust people. 

Use our Video Sales Playbook to see how adding video to your sales process will help you stand out from your competition, see dramatic increases in engagement, and most importantly build real connections with your clients. Below, you’ll find five scenarios faced by sales people and learn how video can be used to succeed in all cases. View sample videos and customize sample scripts to achieve some of your best results yet!


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Customizable Video Prospecting Script

Customers are seeing 15-20% click rate of emails with video; industry standard email open rates are only between 2%-6%!

Marketing Qualified Leads

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Customizable Script for Marketing Leads

Customers are seeing a 3X improvement in lead engagement. Why? Because you are building trust in your sales process.

Inbound Leads

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Customizable Script for Inbound Leads

28% of prospects that watch your video will convert to a next step. What are you waiting for?

Inside Sales with a DEMO

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Customizable Script for Demo Follow Ups

65% of executives have visited a company’s website after watching a video.

Account Management

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Customizable Script for Account Managers

80% of viewers that start viewing a video will watch majority of your video content if it’s less than 2 minutes! Keep it short and you’ll keep them watching!

So What's Your Next Play?

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