Developing Sales Teams
to Sell at a Record Pace

KZO gets your sales team ramped quickly. KZO’s Sales Enablement Platform is used for coaching, just-in-time learning, peer-to-peer collaboration, content creation, and provides the selling tools to create strong relationships with your customers and prospects.

What this means for you…

  • More efficient onboarding
  • Prepared & knowledgeable reps
  • Collaboration and knowledge share
  • Increased lead conversion
  • Personalized & humanized selling 
  • Analytics to understand prospects’ needs

How KZO works for you

Features and Benefits

Create Content

KZO allows you to use your mobile devices and webcams to easily record personalized video messages to enhance existing PowerPoints and documents or to standalone as a dynamic way to engage your sales team, prospects, and customers.


  • Stand out from your competition
  • See dramatic increases in engagement
  • Humanize your outreach and communication
  • Allow subject matter experts to capture and share information

Centralize Your Existing Videos

KZO allows you to store your entire sales and marketing video library right within your CRM. This can be organized based on product, vertical, and learning topics allowing for you to easily find the content you need.  Reps spend one third of each day searching for the content they need. Now they can use that time selling.


  • Find the content you need when you need it
  • Just-in-time learning library
  • Coaching & Role-play abilities
  • Decrease new rep ramp time
  • Organize and integrate your video library in your CRM
  • Leverage “great” videos with prospects and customers

Unique Interactive Experience

KZO makes virtual learning interactive with in-video commenting. Your sales team members can socialize and collaborate through comments and feedback at moments-in-time within the videos. Further, your prospects and customers can do the same with any video sent to them. You will be immediately alerted when someone has commented on your video allowing you to quickly address questions or provide additional context.


  • Build deeper connections with your peers, prospects & customers
  • Comment within the video and respond anytime
  • Use comment clusters to learn what resonates with customers & prospects and what topics are hot with employees

Detailed Analytics

KZO provides detailed viewing and behavior metrics to help you discover the best content.  Metrics can be accessed directly within KZO and are also synced with your CRM and LMS. You can see when the video started, how long it was watched, and what segments were watched again. All data is always updated in real-time.


  • Track detailed prospect, customer, and learner behavior
  • Leverage built-in CRM reports and dashboards to chart video engagement 
  • Track sales team trends & compliance within your LMS

Deeply integrated with

KZO  adds native video capabilities directly within Now you can leverage the platform you live in today with the addition of enhanced video communication and training tools, creating a unique and personalized experience for the sales team, prospects and customers.


  • See all prospect behavior and data within your existing records
  • Never leave SFDC for learning, training, and selling
  • Security approved SFDC AppExchange package (no need for IT)

Selling with Video

KZO provides tools to help sell right within the platform. Send emails directly to prospects and customers inside and outside of and leverage pre-built email templates designed for video. KZO generated “coded URLs” allow you to easily send videos from existing email clients like Outlook, GMail, Apple, and more.


  • Easily add videos to any email correspondence
  • Embed high-performing personalized thumbnails of videos versus links
  • Track email activity automatically with records
  • Uncover what’s meaningful to your prospects & customers
  • Use real-time alerts to engage with people when they are available


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