Top 5 Reasons No One is Watching Your Video Content

If you’re wondering why your videos are attracting few views and failing to engage, it’s likely that you’re doing at least one of the following things. Check out our list of 5 things NOT to do when it comes to video and learn how to improve your tactics.

  1. Your Video is Hard to Find

Video content, just like any other content, needs to be optimized so that users can find it. if the world doesn’t have a clue about your brand the chances that they will be doing a keyword search on either is pretty small. Take the time to do the keyword research and find out what people are actually searching for. Then optimize your video’s title, description, tags and other surrounding text so you have more than a fighting chance of appearing in the search results.

  1. What is Your Video Even About? 

So, your video is found, but the viewer has no idea what it is about at first glance – that’s a problem. If your title and description are vague and your thumbnail is dull or misleading, people won’t invest any time in clicking the link to watch. If this is the case, take some time to tweak the words you are using to describe your video so that anyone outside of your company would understand what it’s about. And, upgrade to a more compelling thumbnail. This is your first chance to enthrall your audience – so do it right!

  1. It’s Too Sales-Pitchy 

Your video should not scream sales pitch, especially if it’s only for your benefit and not as much for the benefit of others. Viewers are becoming more and more aware of, and cynical about, content that is created to benefit the brand rather than the viewer. Give your audience something they’ll get excited about, not something that’ll turn them off.

  1. Your Video is Too Long 

Always keep your target audience in mind. Are they going to have the time to watch long-form video content? If the retention rate for your video content drops off dramatically at any point in the video, you should use that information to determine the ideal length.

  1. Social Promotion is Lacking 

If you want to promote a video, then social media is perfect for getting the word out, and also for allowing others to share the content to their own feeds. If you’ve uploaded it to your own site, then enable social sharing buttons on the landing page. Share it on all of your social media platforms, post it to your company blog, and include it in an e-mail blast. Every time you create and upload a video, let your audience know it exists by publishing it via social media and encouraging them to watch, comment, like, and share.

After following these 5 helpful tips, more people will be watching, enjoying, and sharing your video content. Remember that it’s in your best interest to take the time to turn your ideas into the type of content your viewers will respond to. Leave nothing to chance in your effort to promote your videos so that you can reach the type and volume of audience you need to.

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