Quick Tip: Presentations and Consolidating Applications

For this week’s Quick Tip, I wanted to address an issue of basic computer use and communications. There have been many times when I have been on a GoTo or WebEx Conference meeting and as the presenter goes to share his or her desktop, I will often see several applications have been left open. This may come as a no-brainer but to speed up your computer’s performance, it is important to close out of programs or consolidate them. For example, you may have as many as five Google Chrome windows open during a conference meeting and this will slow down your ability to present or may cause your computer screen to freeze.

The solutions for this computer performance issue are simple: Consolidate your open internet windows into separate tabs on one Google Chrome window. With Word documents, you can simply save, close and reopen them later. Make sure you close out of all Powerpoint documents and close any other media windows which might be open on the computer. Again, all these simple little process based solutions will help increase the speed of your computer.

As it relates to the KZO Suite, if you are using the KZO Presenter capability and recording video content, you will definitely want to close out applications which are not in use. If you have too many applications open, your recording quality could suffer in the process which is not optimal when using KZO Presenter. The KZO Presenter is all browser based which means it does not have access to your RAM or graphics card which keeps the computer from potentially slowing down.


Andrew Hauser is the Technical Account Manager at KZO Innovations.


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