Quick Tip: Moment in Time Search Part 1

(This is the first Quick Tip post in a two-part series on Search. Stay tuned for next week’s post, that Quick Tip will be on Embeddable Search.)

We all know that using the search function and “search” results can be cumbersome because we’ve all had trouble with it. As an example, let’s say you want to find a video on how to tie a bowtie, so you can go to YouTube and put in a search for “how to tie a bowtie.” As a result you get several pages of results back which you then have to scroll through, looking for that one video related to the phrase that you hope is an actual instructional video.


The Usual Search Results


Sherlock Holmes Hat, Monocle and pipeOnce you find a video that looks like it might have instructions, you have to choose between either watching the first two minutes (of the video that might give you anything from the history of the bowtie to current fashion trends) or skip randomly through and hope to come across the actual instructions. Personally, I don’t think “search” should mean the kind of sleuthing that the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s protagonist, Sherlock Holmes, does in his mystery novels. I think it should be intuitive, intelligent, and detailed; and it should take you right to the correct source of information. It should be easy.


A Different Search


The KZO Platform utilizes search in a different way than most other video platforms. Every piece of content associated with a video–including the title, powerpoint slides that have been synched, chapters and discussions–is marked at a specific moment in time within each video. This means that if you’re searching for “how to tie a bowtie” through a series of video within the KZO Suite, we will list all the videos with relevant titles. In addition, any video that contains a slide, chapter title, or even a user-generated comment containing “how to tie a bowtie” will show up in the results.


You will see which videos contain the phrase, exactly where it appears in the video and right down to the second. There’s no need to sort through the video to that part, either: simply click on the result you want (for example, a video containing a Chapter Title “Here’s How to Tie a Bowtie” at 2:31 in the video). Then the video will pop up in the KZO search results at exactly the moment where that chapter starts, meaning that you’ll be taken right to the relevant information at 2:31.


Micah McFarland is the Associate Support Consultant at KZO Innovations. You can follow him on Twitter @Micah_McFarland.


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