Quick Tip: Metrics and Permissions Part II

In our last post, we talked about metrics and permissions on the KZO Platform, as well as why it’s important to get a clear picture of who is using your video content. The more detailed the information on your users, the more effectively you can communicate your message. We talked about the Public Viewing options last time, so today we’ll take a look at Restricted Viewing in the KZO Video Suite.



This level of security allows for the most control over who has access to your content. A video set to Restricted Viewing will only be available to users with login credentials and appropriate  permissions to the KZO platform. The Administrator can create users and manage their permissions, even down to each user’s community permissions.


This type of security also allows for the most detailed type of metrics. You’ll be able to see exactly which users have logged in, which videos they’ve watched, and how much of those videos he or she has watched. This could be especially useful for a training program where it is beneficial to monitor where each individual learner is in the course.


Obviously, this type of security limits the amount of viewers that can see your content, so this is best for very targeted and specific content. This is also the type of feature that sets the KZO Platform apart from other video hosting platforms, and makes it especially useful for enterprise use cases.


A note on KZO Reports: All the information tracked in the KZO Platform is available for download in two sets of reports: Standard Metrics and Detailed Metrics. The Standard Metrics will provide administrators with the viewer’s name if they registered or logged in (anonymous viewers will be labeled simply as “Guest”), date of visit, and content viewed. If you then go into Detailed Information this will take the information further, providing information on how much of the content was viewed down to the second.


Micah McFarland is the Associate Support Consultant at KZO Innovations. You can follow him on Twitter @Micah_McFarland.


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