The KZO Innovations Video Suite is an enterprise-focused Video Content Management Platform that helps organizations create and annotate video content tailored to the situations that their employees encounter the most, while making it easy for employees to quickly find and access the content on any device or from within key applications to facilitate just-in-time learning.

Unlike ad-hoc approaches using YouTube, Vimeo, or Sharepoint, the KZO Innovations Video Suite provides integrated management capabilities to measure the utilization of the content so that improvements can be focused in the right areas saving time and money and increasing engagement, performance, and effectiveness.

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HTML5 and Flash delivery

The KZO Video Suite’s server-side encoder will automatically format any video for easy viewing on any desktop or mobile device. The online video player displays using either Flash or HTML5 depending on the viewer’s browser.

Streaming Online Video Player

Any video can be enriched with social commenting features, accompanying materials, and Chapter navigation for a fully interactive viewing experience.

Customizable Viewing Interfaces
Embeddable Player & Playlists
Offline Video Distribution Options
Dynamic Multi Format & Bit-rate Streaming


On-demand video with built-in social discussion forums

Enable viewers to engage with subject matter experts, video owners, and other viewers. The on-demand video player has social commenting features that open a channel of communication where users ask questions, get answers and view comments by other users. Email alerts and RSS feeds promote interactivity across the organization, driving users back to the video content to extend shelf-life.

Social syndication across public and private networks

Easily share segments of videos across different social platforms including Chatter, Jive, Yammer, SharePoint, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Time-stamped Threaded Comments
Pinpoint Screen Area Tagging
Social Platform & Email Alerts
Moderation and Control


Streamline the user experience

Users discover, view and capture video seamlessly from the applications already in use, including LMS, CMS, CRM and collaboration portals. Each video includes a Tin Can API, SCORM or AICC wrapper to easily share metrics with any learning portal, as well as video sharing options for Salesforce Chatter, Yammer, and others. Share links and iFrame embed code can be used to display video on any internal or public-facing site, like SharePoint, Jive, and WordPress.

Industry standard application architecture and APIs 

Industry standard data formats are used to streamline integration and development. Open APIs and a series of plug-ins ensure maximum flexibility and customization to meet every organization’s unique needs.


Upload & Capture

Upload any video file in any format

The KZO Video Suite automatically encodes your video into all the proper formats and bit rates for distribution to desktops, tablets and other mobile devices. Videos can be enriched by synchronizing slides or images, adding Chapters for navigation and indexing, as well as linking to relevant resources that display with the video.

Record video, audio, and screen capture online or offline

Give access to any user to easily record from their webcam, create voice-over screen captures, and add synchronized PowerPoint slides to the video. New content is recorded directly to the KZO Video Suite and can be published within minutes for viewing on-demand.

Link to Online Resources
Add Chapters and Indexing
Synchronize Presentations (PowerPoints & PDFs)
Add Closed Captioning


Metrics Detailed user metrics with the ability to track views, visits and duration of views over time. Data can be viewed in a metrics dashboard or exported to other enterprise applications.

Content Management Group related video content together by creating playlists and topic categories for organized video content management.

Content Moderation

Security & Permissions

User Authentication

Select the level of user authentication for each video, from public viewing to highly secured video content. The video stream can be securely delivered to protect against unlicensed viewing.

Security & Permissions

Access Control Lists determine degrees of administrative privileges, content creation rights, and viewer access. Permission can be granted per individual or group to accommodate many business units within the same enterprise that have video needs.

Authentication Features:

LDAP/Active Directory
Content Single Sign On
Self Registration
Public Viewing

Administration Features:

SSL/TLS Delivery
Group Permissions
SaaS or On Premise
Access Control Lists
Streaming Video Distribution

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