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KZO Innovations is a full service video production company that specializes in technical training, learning and development, corporate communications, and sales enablement. But that’s not all. Do you have a message that you want to resonate with a small or large group? Research says that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Choose video and start with KZO Innovations.

Corporate and Training Videos

Editing and Post Services

Live Events

Marketing and Web Video


KZO has a long history producing a variety of video styles including company profiles, promotional campaigns, web video, live meetings, and conferences.

No matter the size or budget, KZO will see through the project from concept to reality to ensure every client receives a product they are proud of and embodies their brand and message.


Choose KZO and we’ll take the stress away. Our goal is to make sure you can rest easy while we worry about the details. KZO will set up a complimentary meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss exactly what you want and how we can help make it happen. Whether your project is big or small, KZO has the resources and experience to make it come to life.

New to production and how it works? Check out the workflow below for a basic understanding.


The most important part. Before we turn on the camera we need to plan. This part of the process includes: Research, concepting, storyboarding, scripting, budgeting and of course making sure the production piece is thoroughly planned out.


Probably the most exciting step to be involved with. Lights, cameras, and lot of action. Maybe your project wont quite be hollywood, but if you’d like only bottled water and blue M&M’s we’ll be sure to have them there for you.


After the footage has been shot, we will piece it altogether to create a story that accurately depicts your message. A draft will be provided shortly after production ends and from there we’ll make any revisions necessary.


Once you say you love it (we know you will), we’ll deliver the finished video in whichever formats your require. Whether it be on the web, on DVD, or VHS (if you ask nicely), we’ll get you exactly what you need.


Our Clients


Corporate & Training

Video is perfect for internal communications. We can provide both studio or on-site production services. Ranging from executive addresses to in-depth technical training, we can make your vision a reality.

Edit Only

Looking to have your existing footage or stock footage edited into a cohesive story? We offer a wide range of edit-only services to include basic editing, motion graphics, screen recordings, voice over, and more!

Event Production

Whether it’s a corporate function, conference, concert, or any other special event, we provide live streaming and video recording (for on-demand purposes) services. We also partner with a top tier AV companies to provide turnkey event services for all of your video event needs.

Marketing and Web Video

Need a higher level of production? We’ve got you covered. If you have a message and need video to make it shine, we are the ones to call. 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns…are you?

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