7 Ways the Medical Device Industry Can Benefit from Videos

Link many industries, the healthcare industry is bursting with complex information. Between hospital regulations, complex terminology, and insurance web, it’s easy to see how professionals can get confused on terms and details. As medicine and technology continue to evolve they will also continue to complement and aid one another. Video can greatly help with education and training, particularly with the medical device industry.

  1.  Show Off

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is with a million. Rather than presenting a new device on paper or email, really show it off with a detailed three-dimensional video. A top-notch professional video can display and highlight a new device in a way paper never could. It is a simple way to show compelling content.

  1. Detail Oriented

Video allows you to explain and demonstrate how a device works at the same time. And you can give much more specific information as to the implementation of the device by walking medical professionals through the process. And, while many people prefer video learning, you can still add necessary text, charts or graphs to the video as well.

  1. One Video, Many Viewers

Want to present a new device to a team of doctors? Good luck finding time in their busy schedules. By creating a presentation video, you allow busy doctors and staff to watch it when they have time—possibly on break or after they have left the office for the day. This allows you to reach more viewers in less time.

  1. Get Moving

How often do you see people walking around with a stack of brochures these days? Rarely. Now how often do you see people walking around with a mobile device or smart phone? All the time! Creating mobile-compatible video content means that your information is available to watch whenever, where ever—again making it easier to train medical professionals on the benefits of your device.

  1. Easy Updates

As research develops, so does the need for training. With easy access to videos, you can easily update and/or modify video content to reflect the most up-to-date information about your device and how it can help patients. This enables you to easily share relevant information with everyone who needs it.

  1. Interaction

Not only can you deliver high-quality medical device training, you can make it interactive. Video training allows viewers to ask questions and seek answers to real-world problems they are facing. Also, with the KZO Innovations Video Suite, these discussions can be saved for future learning.

  1.  Train Yourself!

Beyond training medical staff on the many benefits of a device, in-house training videos serve an equally important purpose—you can also educate your co-workers. When a new device is created, the innovators must train and inform the sales and marketing staff so they are able to do their important jobs as well.

Overall video can add an exceptional layer of quality and interest to medical device industry education, whether it be enlightening medical professionals or industry staff. If you want to take your business to the next level with informative, high-quality videos, learn how to get started with KZO Innovations!

Not really sure how this works? Request a demo and we will show you all of the benefits today!


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