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In this webcast, author Jonathan Halls will show you how to write scripts that make your videos quicker and easier to understand. First, he’ll explain how the brain works and what that means for your video script. Second he’ll touch on media psychology and explore the reason that if you write a video script the way you were taught to write at school, you’ll actually make your video harder to follow. And then he’ll share specific tips and steps to take to ensure your videos are scripted to ensure your message is engaging as well as quick and easy to understand.

Jonathan Halls

Video and Learning Subject Matter Expert

Jonathan Halls is an author, speaker and trainer based in Washington DC. He is also an adjunct professor at George Washington University in the Graduate School of Political Management. The best way to describe Jonathan’s dynamic but eclectic work is that it doesn’t fit in a box. He splits his time between teaching media and leadership. After more than twenty years in broadcasting as both a practitioner and an executive, he values the latest thinking balanced by real world experience. This well thought out pragmatism is what drives his work as he teaches leadership, change, innovation, learning and digital media production. Jonathan regularly speaks at conferences and runs seminars around the world. He has been described as half-talk-show host, half-professor because he is polished and entertaining but also thoughtful and substantive.

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