No More Tricks. Just Add Video.

I met you at Dreamforce. Do you remember me? I gave you my card. I sent you 3 emails and one even used “Re:” in the subject line. I texted you too; you didn’t text me back. Oh…you don’t text much? You prefer email? Ok…I’ll try email again; this time I’ll make it seem like it’s your fault that we haven’t connected yet….

Does this sound familiar? We are contacted to by sales and marketing people every single day — multiple times. Each approach includes a trick to try to get you — the prospect — to pay attention. Sometimes those tricks work; sometimes they don’t. It all depends on how you define success.

Paid digital ads are showing an average click through rate (CTR) of 2%.


Based on a recent email marketing study conducted by IBM, the average click through rate on email to U.S. based recipients is 3.2%.


Then, we have good ol’ cold calling; which people claim doesn’t work anymore but based on available statistics, cold calling still puts up a good fight…and for that matter, a good way of thinking about what you actually want…sales. See here…

Based on data from, if 100 customers are called, you can expect the following:

  • Reach rate: 15% of total called (good campaigns have a reach rate between 25-35%)
  • Qualification rate: 30% of total reached (good campaigns have a qualification rate of over 50%)
  • Conversion rate: 50% of total qualified (Good campaigns have a conversion rate near 100%)

That’s a lot better than what you are seeing with email campaigns or paid ads!

So let’s bring the two together…with calling, you have the chance to get personal with your prospect; you can react to their words and tone of voice, but email lets you cast a wide net and you can put more information in front of your prospect that stays with them until they are ready to view it. Now how about we take the best of both and add one more component: video.

In recent weeks, we have tested in-email video with our campaigns and have blown away the averages. We have seen click through rates close to 40% and a qualification rate of 60% of those who clicked.

Here’s why. Instead of using marketing trickery, we use video to connect with your senses. You see my face, you remember the sound of my voice, you hear my message, you may even remember where we were when you first met me. What’s more is that each video can be personalized with as much as little custom information that you have about your prospect.

Because video can be viewed easily on these devices, we tend to prefer watching video to reading text or answering a call. And why not? It’s been proven that people remember more of what they hear and see via video than what they read in text and people want to get information when they are ready to receive it…not when you want to call them.

In-video email lets you deliver a personal approach to each and every prospect, on a device they are already using, and at a time when they want to view it.

Video is not a trick and it’s not going away. But more important, it works.

If you are ready to see how this all comes together, ask us how we can get you using video in your sales and marketing emails today. Why live another day with low CTRs?

Still here? Wondering if you’re ready for this? Take a look at what other sales people are doing. It’s happening…and it’s working.