KZO Quick Tip: Update Video Content

Have you ever read an interesting article and noticed that something seemed just a little bit off? Then you notice that the article was written years ago. Same concept applies to video. A YouTube video posted several years ago may still have some credible information but a lot has likely changed.

Before you create your next enterprise video, check out this week’s quick tip that will extend the shelf-life of your content:

  • Relevant Updates: Keep video presentations up-to-date by adding new relevant information. Create a short “Update” video to keep a video presentation fresh and current. Updates are a great way to keep your viewers engaged so that they will continue to look to the videos you’ve provided as credible, up-to-date resources for information.

Do you have specific questions or topics you would like a quick tip on? Let us know in the comments below! Check back next week for some more KZO quick tips!