KZO Presents at AA-ISP Conference

KZO Innovations, based in Reston, Virginia, recently collaborated with the AA-ISP, the association for inside sales professionals, to collect research about how inside sales professionals are using video in the sales process. The survey results were recently discussed in a live interview with the AA-ISP’s founder, Bob Perkins, via KZO Innovations Webcast program. The discussion will continue on Thursday, September 8, 2016, in Boston, Massachusetts, at the AA-ISP Inside Sales Conference where KZO Innovations’ executives Jeff Fissel and Brad Layman will present with Bob Perkins to a live audience of conference attendees.

“Working with the AA-ISP is a near perfect fit for KZO Innovations. With our attention now focused on video sales communications and the launch of our newest product KZO Drive, we want to help inside sales professionals to impact prospect engagement through video on a daily basis,” says KZO Innovations’ Vice President of Sales, Brad Layman.

The collaborative research between KZO Innovations and the AA-ISP identified where video plays a role for today’s sales professional. While more than half of sales people are using video to support sales enablement and training, a growing number of sales professionals are using video for communications and prospecting.

“We are seeing a shift in how sales leaders are using video. In an AA-ISP survey conducted in 2012, 14% of sales leaders were using video in the sales process. In 2016, we’ve seen that number grow to 25%. I personally know the power of video in sales and now is the time to elevate this form of communication with our audience,” says the AA-ISP founder, Bob Perkins.

KZO Innovations has partnered with the AA-ISP to sponsor future research, interviews, and other content to further present the role of video in the sales process. To learn more about this content and for future events, please visit

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