KZO Named Top Selling Tool in the Area of Sales Enablement

KZO was recently listed in Smart Selling Tools’ Top Sales Tools Guide for 2018 in the category of Sales Enablement.

Smart Selling Tools, Inc., is an analyst and consulting firm that specializes in sales productivity and sales performance improvement through the use of smart sales tools. Businesses of all sizes can find suggestions and reviews for sales and marketing software along with great resources to learn about revenue generating tools.

Smart Selling Tools provides great information to help companies find the right sales tools for their organizations. Nancy Nardin, CEO of Smart Selling Tools, recently interviewed and reviewed KZO Innovations. On this page, Nancy describes why KZO’s technology can help salespeople learn and grow. One of the top highlights for Nancy was the ability for KZO to seamlessly move salespeople from a learning experience to a selling experience. KZO’s content creation capabilities allow for salespeople to learn from video-based courses and then turn on a webcam instantly to record their own videos, embed those videos in emails, and send them to their prospects.

Hear what Nancy had to say about KZO and get access to the 2018 Top Sales Tools Guide here.

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