Key Features of the KZO Video Suite

Key Features of the KZO Suite

KZO-Logo-smallIt’s a Friday afternoon, so this writer is giving you a short post on the key features of the KZO Suite. It’s not always easy to summarize a sophisticated video software platform like the KZO Video Suite. However, there are some key features to the software which deserve to be highlighted for anyone that is interested.

Email Alerts for Social Activity – Administrators can see when a new tag has been created and are alerted to activity related to videos among users.

Moderation of Comments and New Content – Comments in the system can be moderated or even removed by administrators.

Video Capture and Voice-Over Desktop Capture – Users can easily record from their webcam, share their desktop and upload documents as well.

Video Upload Manager with Multi-Bitrate Encoding – There is no fuss with the KZO Video Suite, uploading is easy and will automatically encode the video for use with the platform. Users automatically get the best resolution and bit rate.

Synchronized PowerPoint and PDF – Users can easily synchronize any PowerPoint or PDFs to use with their videos in the suite.

Chapter Indexing for Search and Navigation – Users can easily add descriptions on different levels. Communities of video playlists, playlists of videos, chapters or even just singular videos can all have associated descriptions that become searchable in the KZO Suite.

Flash and HTML5 Enabled Player – This feature ties into the description of the video upload manager with multi-bitrate encoding for no hassle use. Specifically, the server side encoder will automatically format any video for easy viewing on desktop or mobile devices. The online video player will display using either Flash or HTML5.

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Deborah K. Corey is the Marketing Associate for KZO Innovations.   




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