3 Important Video Metrics to Improve ROI

In the world of video, there are many things you can measure. But, these aren’t always things you should be measuring. If you’re using video in hopes of pushing your business forward, you need to spend your time measuring the right metrics. Here are 3 important metrics you should be measuring in order to leverage your business with video.

1.     Rewatches

Tracking rewatches, or the number of times people rewatched all or part of your video, tells you which sections of the video are most interesting or relevant so that you can incorporate them into your business strategy. You can see rewatches by aggregate rewatch data across all viewers’ sessions or by an individual viewer. This metric can be used to create targeted email lists or to assist in making a sale.

 2.     Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is the proportion of how long an audience member watches your video divided by total video length. This tells you how interested someone is in your company or message. Average engagement rate, or the proportion viewed divided by all audience members, tells you how compelling your video is. This metric is a good time-saver because it indicates which leads are most interested; so, you can focus solely on honing those relationships. It also indicates whether a video is holding people’s attention, which helps businesses create more engaging and profitable videos going forward.

 3.     Play Rate 

Play rate is the proportion of people who play your video of all the people who view it; this equals the number of plays divided by the total number of loads on the page where your video lives. Ideally, you want to achieve a play rate of 100%, since the play rate indicates whether your video seems appealing to watch. If people visit your page but don’t hit play, this suggests that the title, thumbnail image, or description need some work. A trend of low play across multiple videos can help you determine which topics are most appealing to the audience so they can capitalize on engaging topics in future videos. 

By focusing on these 3 important metrics, you’ll be able to save time and energy and improve your video ROI. Video is capable of pushing your business forward as long as you’re effectively measuring its successes and failures. Track what really matters for your business!

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