How to Do More with Content Creation Tools – Desktop Video Apps

With a wide array of video editing programs available, content creators are turning their recorded video footage into something amazing – and the good news is it isn’t as difficult as it looks. Plus, with platforms like iMovie (Mac) and Windows Movie Maker (PC) already installed on most new devices, creating great video has never been simpler.

Both iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are consumer-oriented and user-friendly. Even if you have never touched editing software before, most people can get the hang of it after trial and error. These programs allow users to edit webcam video, as well as import pre-recorded video, graphics, and audio all into one finished product.

However, once you’re done with a project, what do you do? Sure, you can upload the video to platforms like YouTube, but that doesn’t initiate collaboration around the content. How do you solve this?

One solution is to upload your content to KZO, which gives you a lot more options for socializing your video. Here are a few suggestions:

More collaboration
Once your video is created in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, you may wish to add additional features that rouse engagement in your video. When you upload your video to KZO, you have the option to do the following to encourage this engagement:

  • Participate and start forum-like discussions tagged to moments in time in the video
  • Live chat
  • Integrate documents or presentations into the video
  • Place links within the content

When the above features are added to your iMovie or Windows Movie Maker content, users have more room to create those conversations, ask the important questions, and actually engage with the content and their peers.

Mobile delivery
The beauty of platforms like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker is that both have the ability to export video for distribution on mobile devices in a consumer-friendly fashion. For example, in iMovie, you have the ability to “Export for iPod,” taking a lot of the guesswork out of the export process.

However, KZO makes delivery even easier because it will take any video type, whether it’s exported out of iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Once the video is uploaded, KZO will automatically process and encode that video so it can be streamed on any mobile device.

Distribution management
Let’s say you only want your internal team to view your iMovie or Windows Movie Maker content. What do you do? Again, you could upload to YouTube and insert privacy settings, but how secure would it be?

With KZO, you control who you distribute your content to. Content creators can fine-tune viewing permissions for every video and even require viewers insert extra information about themselves, like their name and email address, before they are allowed access. KZO ensures you will never have to worry that an outside party will gain access to your video content since everything is held down, lock and key, at your discretion. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

What do you think? Have you uploaded your iMovie or Windows Movie Maker content to KZO? What did you think?

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