How Marketers are Using Videos to Drive Business

In today’s world, the majority of successful corporations are using video for online marketing, sales or communications. In fact, that number is around 93%, up from 81% in 2012 ( This trend is only expected to continue. What are you doing to implement digital video into your business and to avoid getting left behind?

Over the past couple of years, senior marketing professionals have been using video to help execute their most important operations.  In 2013, 50.5% said they used video to explain new products and services, while 27.9% used video for employee communications or training purposes. And that’s just in the marketing industry! Imagine what those percentages are for sales and human resources.

Just how are marketers distributing these videos? While the website continues to be the most popular destination, used by 82% of respondents, nearly two-thirds take advantage of YouTube. Social media is also a popular platform at 62%, with email coming in at 60%.

Budgets are always on everyone’s minds, right? So is the importance of digital video. As emarketer polled for the above chart, they found that in 2013 marketers actually increased their budgets for video by 70.5%, with just 14.6% electing to keep their budgets the same.

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