How is Video Being Used for Learning

In a recently published research report, Using Video for Learning, by Stephen Haskin, The ELearning Guild finds that L&D teams are using video in the following ways:

  • Used video as part of a course: 83.8%
  • Use video as a short tutorial (microlearning): 70.7%
  • Use video to supplement classroom training: 54.1%

Since 2009, there has been a massive shift in the use of video from 41.3% of the responding organizations saying that video was included as part of their L&D offerings to 92.4% in 2017. Why?

Most organizations report that technology and access to video recording devices makes video production easier. Also, with content provided via YouTube and Vimeo, it is easier to curate video into a company library versus making content from scratch.

Further, with a demand for shorter bursts of content, companies are able to use smartphones and web cams to record short snippets from subject matter experts and quickly get those pieces uploaded to intranets or pushed out through other communication channels.

Finally, companies are focusing finding that video is best supporting the following content areas:

  • software training: 51.5%
  • coaching and leadership training: 46.1%
  • product training: 44.8%
  • onboarding: 44.3%
  • compliance: 42.1%

36.3% of surveyed members said the number one benefit for using video for learning was providing a richer learning experience for the learner; however, more than half surveyed said that the biggest barrier to integrating video is the time to create the content.

That’s where we come in. KZO Innovations’ recently updated video content creation tool saves you time and makes video come to life while ensuring the best possible company and learner experiences. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Screen capturing
  • Chunking/ Chaptering long form content
  • PPT Sync
  • Webcam and mobile video
  • Trimming video clips
  • In-video Annotations and Highlights
  • Auto Speech to Text and Translation
  • Security and Permissions
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For the full report, visit The Elearning Guild.

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