How Fortune 1000 Companies Succeed With Video

Congratulations to the big players who have made the 2015 Fortune 1000 list! This annual list by Fortune magazine highlights the top US companies by gross revenue, including both publicly and privately held US companies.

Of course, the biggest question is: How did they do it? What factors helped catapult these leading companies to success, landing them on this prestigious list. One important common thread that cannot be overlooked was the ingenious utilization of video. Here we take a look at how two of these outstanding companies used video to dominate in 2015.

The Walt Disney Company

It’s likely no surprise to you that The Walt Disney Company landed on the Fortune 1000 list this year, as it’s widely known for its decades of innovation. In an attempt to harness human beings’ obsession with video, Disney researchers developed an innovative video algorithm. According to the company, the “automotive video algorithm” is designed to determine what separate cameras at an event are recording. By determining what different cameras are focusing on, the algorithm then uses this knowledge to decide when to cut to a different shot of the action. Without the need for a human editor, this technology delivers a multi-angle approach to the story telling. Although the technology is still a prototype, early reports say that comparisons between it and human-edited video are barely discernible. The magicians at Disney hope it will shorten editing time in the future.

Dish Network

Dish Network is in the Fortune 1000 list largely because of its incredibly smart and relevant strategies, and in particular, its forth-coming web-based service. One of the most popular reasons people report for still paying high cable rates is because of the sports packages. However, Dish Network’s Sling-TV could be a game changer. Subscription-based Sling TV will allow users to stream ESPN over the Internet for only $20 a month. Other networks on board include The Travel Channel, CNN, and the Food Network. Like other subscription-based services such as Netflix and HBO’s soon-to-be-released service, Sling will offer customers freedom of choice and access to sports without cable packages and high costs.  

These two Fortune 1000 companies understand how essential online video has become when marketing to their target audiences. It is clear that their video tactics work and that in order to experience great success, you’ll need to think like Disney and Dish have. Remaining creative and relevant will keep your company cutting-edge and thriving—and video is one of the best ways to help get you there.

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