Free Webinar: Using Video to Enhance Your eLearning

Your Learning Management System (LMS) needs to be an organized, effective, and efficient tool for your company. To help you get the most out of your eLearning program and LMS, we’re offering a free webinar, “Using Video to Enhance Your eLearning,” on Wednesday, July 18 from 2 to 3 p.m. (ET).

A variety of companies are increasing the use of on-demand training sessions. Using video for these sessions enhances the learning experience for the viewer while offering a more personal approach. When video is integrated into an existing LMS, users are able to view on-demand content that supports the program tailored to their learning needs.

Throughout the webinar, we will review video distribution options and explore the methods of integrating video into an existing LMS, including linking and embedding, Single Sign-On user authentication, and deep API integration, all while maintaining SCORM and AICC standards.

After attending the webinar you will have a better understanding of how video can be integrated into an existing LMS, how video can aid in the learning process, and video best practices.

Utilizing video in your eLearning programs is easier than ever. You can leverage video through integration into your LMS for the the most effective transfer of knowledge.

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