Do you have a video competitive advantage?

When it comes to your video content, do you have a competitive advantage? Do you even know how to compete with other companies like yours that are using video for communications, marketing, and learning? You need to know how to make sure you are the leading the pack when it comes to leveraging video content.

Ask yourself:

1) Is my video content secure? You may want to pay attention to this. Did you know the US economy loses $5.4M each year to breached content?

2) Can my employees and customers interact with my video content? You want people to like and share your content. Seventy-five percent of people over the age of 45 want to email your videos. How easy do you make it for them to do that?

3) Has it been easy for me to integrate software into my company’s enterprise-wide systems? You have lots of video and you want it to span across all of your enterprise platforms, but do you want to contribute to the $9.4B spent in IT costs to integrate a platform? NO WAY!

4) Can my customers and employees search video content by the spoken word? Hmm…these days we seem to be collecting and storing more and more video but how do you find it?

If you are interested in making your video content secure, collaborative, integrated, and searchable…share this infographic today and then follow up with KZO Innovations to ensure that your video content is helping you stay competitive.

Maximize the Value in Business Video (Infographic)
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