Is E-Learning the Next Frontier of Healthcare Education

As the population continues to age, the healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve. Access to professional training is a primary concern for the industry. Today, video learning takes center stage. Gone are the days of boring videos meant to supplement key content. Now, integrated, multi-platform videos offer unprecedented access to training materials and educational information. While video learning is important in all industries, it is critically important in healthcare.

Patient Peace of Mind

The medical world can be a scary place for patients. We have all experienced the fear of an unknown procedure, and searched for information on the Internet. Watching amateur medical videos online does little to calm frayed nerves. Now imagine that before you were to undergo a procedure or surgery, your doctor was able to walk you through exactly what was going to happen via a professional video. And, after you watch the video, you were able to ask educated questions based on what you learned. This scenario is not only possible; it is the future of patient relations!

In addition to being able to offer peace of mind to patients and their family members, these videos can also be used to train staff. Not only can doctors ensure that their patients know what to expect, but they can also be sure that staff is able to answers questions and ease concerns as well.  This level of consistency across platforms facilitates faith in the medical profession and reduces anxiety, which is better for all involved parties.

Next-Generation Experts

Hospitals and medical offices are not the only medical environments that require continual learning—medical schools and universities are fostering the next-generation of doctors and practitioners. These institutions have an obligation to provide the best possible learning for their students so they can stay abreast of the latest development. Furthermore, millennials and members of the “Internet generation” are more adept at virtual and/or e-learning than anything else and demand the most-up-to-date, effective e-learning tools available. Find out how to create great e-learning for your students.

Show, Don’t Tell

This adage for writers applies to medical device sales professionals as well. All too often medical devices and equipment are presented to doctors by sales people, not medical experts. Simply describing a device and how it work can fall short for several reasons. Enlisting the use of detailed videos that show doctors and surgeons how a device was created, how it works, and how it can help patients takes this exchange to a new level.

Medical device e-learning will do more for the healthcare industry than any handout or brochure ever could. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff will able to access to current training videos from various devices, enabling them to stay up to date and learn at their own pace. As medical devices and techniques continue to develop and evolve, so too will the appropriate e-learning components.

If you are in the healthcare industry or medical profession, find out how KZO Innovations can jump-start your video learning program today!


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