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KZO Drive puts sales conversations into the fast lane.

KZO Drive bridges the gap between today’s metrics-driven digital selling techniques and the personalized touch that’s needed to land your biggest clients. Through personalized video communication, Drive allows your team to capture your prospects’ attention, keep them involved in the process, track their engagement, and nurture relationships.

What this means for you…

  • Dramatically increase lead conversion
  • Personalize the selling experience
  • Use deep analytics to understand your prospects’ needs and behaviors
  • Increase sales!

How KZO Drive will work for you


“When video is included in an email, the click-through rate increases by 200% to 300%.”  


“65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video.”  


“92% of mobile video viewers share their videos with others.”   

Features and Benefits

Integrated with Salesforce.com

KZO Drive adds native video capabilities within Salesforce.com. Now you can leverage the platform you live in today with the addition of enhanced video communication tools, creating a unique and personalized experience for your prospects and customers.


  • Work with a familiar interface.
  • Use it right away and immediately differentiate yourself.
  • See all prospect behavior and data within your existing Salesforce.com records.

Record Personalized Videos

KZO Drive allows you to use your mobile devices and webcams to easily record personalized video messages for every prospect directly within Salesforce.com.


  • Stand out from your competition.
  • See dramatic increase in open and engagement rates with prospects.
  • Humanize your outreach and communication.

Leverage Existing Corporate Video

KZO Drive allows you to store your entire sales and marketing video library right within Salesforce.com. This can be organized based on product or vertical allowing for you to easily find the content you need to meet your prospects’ needs while never leaving Salesforce.com. This content can be enhanced with personally recorded video introductions.


  • Spend dramatically less time searching for the video you need, making you more productive.
  • Take advantage of feedback from other sales reps on which videos have worked for specific pain points, industries and use cases.
  • Respond to prospects and customers with the way they prefer using video content verses text or documents.

Unique Interactive Experience

KZO Drive allows your prospects and customers to make comments at moments in time within the videos that you send them. You will be immediately alerted with an email when your prospect has commented on the video allowing you to quickly address their questions or to provide them with additional video resources. This unique selling experience allows you to build a deeper connection with your prospect.


  • Engage with your prospect in an asynchronous, text like manner.
  • Collaborate with your prospect immediately and watch engagement soar.
  • Find out what is really important to your customer.

Detailed Analytics Integrated with Salesforce.com

KZO Drive provides you detailed viewing and behavior metrics on your prospect communication right within your Salesforce.com record. Video metrics are more impactful then typical open rates. You will see when they open an email, when they clicked to play the video, how long they’ve watched the video, and identify which areas they watched again. Salesforce.com dashboards and reporting tools allow you to easily track and view all of this new information.


  • Track detailed prospect behavior in Salesforce.com.
  • Get a much deeper and meaningful view of what is important to your prospect.
  • Leverage built in Salesfore.com reporting and dashboards to see video engagement.

Personalized Email Communication

KZO Drive allows to you to send emails directly to prospects and clients inside and outside of Salesfore.com. Leverage prebuilt email templates designed for video. KZO generated “coded URLs” allow you to easily send videos from existing email clients like Outlook, GMail, Apple, and more.


  • Easily add videos to any email correspondence.
  • Embed large thumbnail images of videos which perform better than just sending links.
  • Track email activity automatically with Salesforce.com records.


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KZO Drive puts sales conversations into the fast lane.

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