Tips to Create an Awesome Video Using Only your Smartphone

Nearly everyone has a smartphone today, and most smartphones now have very high quality cameras. The barrier to making your own exceptional videos is now lower than ever, and many products currently on the market are aimed at exactly that. Here are some key tips for getting what you need to make the best video possible using the camera you already have: your smartphone. 

Keep your shots steady with a tripod. Key product options include:

Audio quality is often more important than video quality. Here are some options for getting better sound out of your smartphone:

These are the two most important factors to consider when creating video with your smartphone. However, now we’ll cover additional add-ons that can increase the quality of your videos dramatically. 

Smartphones have great lenses built in, but if you want to push your smartphone to the limit, you should consider:

Some companies offer fully built rigs for you smartphone as an all-in-one package. These can be good as long as their model fits what you need to do.

Finally, now that you have the perfect gear, you can get the best quality video with an app that gives you control over what matters.

With these suggestions and cool product inspiration, you’ll be making high quality videos using just your smartphone, which will likely shock viewers! Become a video production expert without spending crazy amounts. The opportunity is right in the palm of your hand. 

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