Corporate YouTube vs. KZO Video

Showcasing your company’s video on any platform is a great way to share content.  YouTube, one of the most popular video platforms, allows everyday people to upload a video to a place where the whole world can watch it.  But while YouTube is great for Joe Schmoe, who wants to share with everyone that time his little kid started singing to Whitney Houston, it’s not always a good choice for corporations.

But what if you could publish videos securely? What if you could post a training video that included sensitive information? What if you could control who could watch the video, and who couldn’t? Want to be able to put your logo on the top of the page, and not YouTube’s?  You can.

KZO Innovations allows all of the above and more. You can stop wishing and make it a reality. KZO supports security, manages branding, and controls accessibility better than YouTube does. Lets dig into each of those a little deeper.

You should be worried about the security of your online videos.. Imagine if they got into the wrong hands? That could result in a lot of negativity. Because KZO knows that it is very important that your video be secure, we have taken measures to ensure that it is.  We allow you to keep track of who watches your videos, as well as who comments on them. You can request information about the viewer before they are given access to the video, which allows you to organize your control permissions and requirements. You can also simplify security measures by implementing external authentication, by streaming your video content over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and by using video streaming rather than progressive download, which ensures that your video will not be downloaded locally.

Manages Branding:
Branding your own platform not only allows you to create a more memorable product for your viewers, but can also create a sense of community. By adding social sharing buttons, ongoing feeds, and/or tailor made templates, viewers will be able to continue the conversation around your video elsewhere. Once people have visited your video page, you can also use our analytics tools to see who is looking at your page, how long people are watching your videos, and what topics they are most interested in. All of that helps you produce video content that people want to see.  

Controls Accessibility:
People want split second search results that provide them with the information that they are looking for immediately, so they don’t have to waste their time looking for it.  What are the three top accessibility factors? That’s easy! 1) Indexing and Search – in order to enable a search engine to find your page, you need to allow indexing. 2) Content Access Permission – content creators must be able to control who is allowed to view their video, and who isn’t, whether it’s internal or external.  3) View On All Devices – who just watches videos on just a computer these days? An increasing number of people use smartphones or tablets to watch videos, so your video content must be available for viewing on all devices.

So tell me again, what does YouTube have on KZO Innovations? Not much.

Want to see how high quality video content can benefit your company? Try to KZO Video Suite today!


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