How to Do More with Content Creation Tools – Desktop Video Apps

With a wide array of video editing programs available, content creators are turning their recorded video footage into something amazing – and the good news is it isn’t as difficult as it looks. Plus, with platforms like iMovie (Mac) and Windows Movie Maker (PC) already installed on most new devices, creating great video has never 

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3 Enterprise Collaboration Tools That Encourage Social Communication (And How to Make Them Better)

By the end of last year, the use of social tools in the workplace had more than tripled, with more businesses using these tools for enterprise collaboration purposes. Our penchant for using these resources over more traditional methods like email or phone makes it easier for professionals to interact, connect, and communicate with their peers. 

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How to Do More With Content Creation Tools – PowerPoint (Part 2)

We recently explored how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create video files. Many believe they need expensive video editing software to create and share video presentations, but PowerPoint provides an easy way to create video files using voiceover slides. For video creation, PowerPoint exports a .WMV file, a file format that is incompatible with iPads 

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How to Do More With Content Creation Tools – PowerPoint (Part 1)

Videos can be helpful for any aspect of your business, from new employee onboarding to corporate communications. What many people don’t realize is that you can create video files with a program you likely already have on your computer—Microsoft PowerPoint. Many believe that PowerPoint is only useful for creating slides for a presentation. However, it 

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