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Top Trends in Video Marketing for 2016

It’s that time of year again: time for the “best of” 2015 lists and forecasts for 2016. Digital marketing and online marketing are obviously at the forefront of predictions, but what about video marketing? Here is a look at the top trends affecting the video landscape in the coming year. Epoch of Video Ads According 

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Top 5 Online Video Trends to Look for in 2015

With a new year comes the determination to deliver a new level of sophistication, user engagement, and results with video. The online video industry moves quickly. So, what’s in store for video in 2015? Here are the top 5 trends to look for: 1.     Mobile will matter more than ever. Today, over 20% of video 

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mHealth and Wellness Apps

According to experts technology related to mHealth (health focused mobile applications) is expected to grow. The prediction is that“-the mobile healthcare services market will begin the commercialization phase and reach $26 billion worldwide by 2017 as smartphone apps enable the mHealth industry to monetize these services.”   These are some of the trends identified in 

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Sensory Learning

According to the Learning Styles blog, “Sensory Learners prefer concrete, practical and procedural information. They look for the facts.”  They are people who like data, do not like surprises, like to solve problems methodically, do well with memorization, like hands-on work, tend to be more practical as well as careful with work and dislike courses 

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An Open Call

This blogger recently found an article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine which had an open call for a video-based learning solution related to Learning Management Systems. “Video for learning app: Most LMS and LCMS systems do not have a robust process to handle indexing, metadata tagging and time updating for the massive number of videos 

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Visual Learning

In this blog post, we will discuss visual learners and learning methods. A visual learner is someone who prefers graphics, pictures and diagrams. It is someone who looks for visual representations. Visual learners use a variety of tactics to learn information and to retain it. These are: -creating charts (flow charts, diagrams) -drawing pictures to 

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Situated Learning

The definition of situated learning (or the learning style that defines a situational learner) according to is: “In contrast with most classroom learning activities that involve abstract knowledge which is and out of context, learning is situated; that is, as it normally occurs, learning is embedded within activity, context and culture. It is also 

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Reflective Learning

There are eight different types of learning styles recognized by the learning industry.  “Reflective learners prefer to think through, to evaluate options, and, learn by analysis. They enjoy figuring out a problem on their own,” according to Mind Tools, a provider of leadership, team management, problem-solving, personal productivity, and team-working resources. Styles Different learning styles 

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Tips to Optimize Mobile Learning

Have you considered how your learning programs are being viewed and consumed on mobile devices? Complete this short form and we’ll personally help you make your video work for all mobile devices.  [contact-form to=’’ subject=’KZO Does Mobile Right’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] Now, read below for some tips on producing and delivering mobile 

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A King Shouldn’t Be Seen in Rags

“A unique idea for a digital product or service is surprisingly rare, and design excellence is often the differentiator.” -Perry Hewitt Perry Hewitt is a respected writer for Harvard Business Review and I wholeheartedly agree with her comment. So, let’s take her statement and explain its impact on a content marketing strategy. There are thousands of 

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