internal video content

Securing Internal Video Content 101

Your company likely has video content you’d prefer to keep confidential. For instance, what if your in-house training videos for sales reps get leaked to one of your competitors? They could steal your sales strategy and/or company secrets. So, how do you ensure that videos intended to help your company don’t instead end of hurting 

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increase viewer engagement

4 Steps to Increasing Viewer Engagement

When working to keep your viewers’ attention, consider what really matters to them. What should you do when viewer engagement is low? Here are some best practices for reeling your audience back in and keeping their attention. Know the Best Way to Reach Them Social media marketing, like traditional marketing, is about knowing your target 

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effective video

7 Traits of an Effective Video

People are watching a ton of videos every day, but which ones resonate the most? When it comes down to it, videos that feel authentic make the biggest impact.  According to statistics, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, so producing high-quality, relevant videos is the 

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content mining and e-learning

Why Content Mining and e-Learning Go Hand-in-Hand

With the many new ways of distributing and consuming educational media content, new behaviors are emerging surrounding how students access learning media. One of these new behaviors is content mining: the rapid search, discovery, and consumption of short-form video content. Content mining, or students’ “snacking” on learning content in an on-demand way, is especially prevalent on 

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online tips for manufacturers

4 Online Video Tips for Manufacturers

Did you know that 78% of people watch videos online every week already, and it is predicted that by 2018, video will take up 79% of all consumer Internet traffic? So, it’s no surprise that many organizations across industries are increasingly capitalizing on the power of online video – and this includes manufacturing companies. 90% 

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taxonomy tips

Taxonomy Tips for Video Strategy

How can your brand organize all of its content assets – photography, text, graphics and video – for maximum benefit? In a word: taxonomy. When it comes to content management, creating familial, hierarchical relationships can help to classify online video content and improve searchablility, ultimately contributing to the bottom line. By creating a game plan 

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video marketing engagement

3 Ways to Improve Video Marketing Engagement

When it comes to integrating video into your company website, how can you engage and grab your audience’s attention while also creating a rich, professional-grade viewing experience? Here, we’ll offer you 3 key tips to improve video marketing engagement and help you use online video to meet various goals, whether that is educating your audience, 

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embedding instagram videos onto your site

How to Embed Your Instagram Video on Your Site

Facebook recently rolled out video on Instagram, leaving both Instagram enthusiasts and Vine users to explore the latest in video sharing. When the social networking giant announced it, too, would offer its users video functionality, consumers and brands gained an additional option to leverage their brand messaging. Right now, Instagram video is the hottest way 

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filming a conference

4 Tips for Filming a Conference

Filming live events is a stressful task, especially because everything that can go wrong will. But, videographers must learn to adapt in order to deliver a polished product no matter what. Here are 4 helpful tips for getting the best quality video when filming a conference. 1. Communicate the right things. Communication is the biggest 

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QR Code and the KZO Platform

Using QR Code in Your KZO Platform

QR Code stands for Quick Response code. It’s designed to be used on printed material. You can scan the code using your smartphone and be quickly taken to a predefined link. So, why use QR Code? It is an interactive way to get people to your website. It’s also really handy if the link you 

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