7 Ways Businesses Can Use Video to Educate

About the Author:  Justin Epley contributed this guest post for Who Is Hosting This. Justin is a freelance technology writer. His articles mainly appear on business blogs. Unlike pamphlets and rote instructional manuals, videos are interactive, visually appealing and engage multiple senses, making it an ideal way for businesses to educate clients, customers and employees on all 

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3 Corporate Communication Video Tips for Business Branding

About the Author: Carol Wilson is a guest blogger, professional writer, and business owner who frequently freelances for  www.businessinsurance.org. Carol likes to write about ecommerce, corporate video, and business in general. Please send your comments, questions, and writing requests for Carol to wilson.carol24@gmail.com. As you probably already know, video can be a powerful tool to use 

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Ideas For Making eLearning Training Videos More Tangible To Employees

About the Author: Kyle O’Brien is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on all topics concerning the business industry, from discussing the formulation of eLearning training platforms to tips on developing company leadership and more. He also works as a consultant for ej4, a performance improvement company working with businesses to create such training videos. It’s no secret that 

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Your Video and The Current State of Social Networks

About the Author: Manroop Takhar is Managing Director of Qudos Animations, an animation studio based in London, specialising in the production of high impact animated web videos. If you have any queries about animated web videos, connect with Qudos Animations on Facebook or Twitter. Ignite Social Media recently put together a comprehensive report on the current state of social 

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eLearning Video Don’ts for Employers

About the Author: Mariana Ashley is a freelance blogger who loves to share her knowledge about mLearning, eLearning, and online schools. Mariana appreciates feedback and welcomes your questions and comments. You can contact her at mariana.ashley031(at)gmail.com. Creating a video is arguably the most effective way to instruct employees. However, that doesn’t mean that all videos are effective 

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