video marketing engagement

3 Ways to Improve Video Marketing Engagement

When it comes to integrating video into your company website, how can you engage and grab your audience’s attention while also creating a rich, professional-grade viewing experience? Here, we’ll offer you 3 key tips to improve video marketing engagement and help you use online video to meet various goals, whether that is educating your audience, 

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video converts sales

Converting Browsers into Buyers with Video

How can you power engagement, generate leads, and drive sales with video? This can be done by guiding prospects through the buyer’s journey. In order to evolve your content strategy, start with light content first when creating your video campaign, and then grow your campaign from there. Experiment with what works best for your customers and 

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video to reach millennial man

Using Video to Reach the Distracted Millennial Man

Millennial males spend 2 hours and 15 minutes a week watching videos online, according to Nielsen, which is more than any other demographic. If you’re marketing to younger men, a robust online video strategy should definitely be part of the plan. Reaching the distracted millennial male means running videos that stand out amid the clutter. So, 

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ROI from video marketing

Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing

There’s a reason why 95% of best-in-class marketers are using video as a content marketing tactic. It’s simply what’s working today for competitive companies. There are a number of reasons why video marketing can improve your ROI, including: A great number of online users prefer to watch videos rather than read text content. Adding video 

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video quality brand perception

Does Video Quality Influence Brand Perception?

There’s no denying the power and reach of video management platforms – but could common quality issues negatively impact your brand? 35% of video consumers today watch video at least several times per day, typically music videos, user-generated content, TV and movies, and branded video. They’re watching on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs.  

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video seo

3 Must-Knows About Video SEO

When it comes to marketing your online videos, the SEO part of the equation is where most business professionals miss the mark. As you may know, good content doesn’t always equate to good search rankings. It’s your job to maximize the efficacy of your videos by ensuring they’re visible and searchable. Here are some key 

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compelling online video

Why is Online Video So Compelling?

Brands are starting to use video more and more to convey not only a message about their product or service, but a feeling, as well. This feeling can often be a major factor in turning a consumer into a customer. With online video, the opportunity for brands to enhance that emotional engagement is huge. It 

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content mining

Video Designed for Content Mining

With the many new ways of distributing and consuming educational media content, new behaviors are emerging surrounding how students access learning media. One of these new behaviors is content mining: the rapid search, discovery, and consumption of short-form video content. Content mining, or students’ “snacking” on learning content in an on-demand way, is especially prevalent 

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hands on camera

4 Tips on What To Do With Your Hands on Camera

Anyone who’s been on camera likely has felt self-conscious about what they’re doing with their hands. Most times, people are so focused on delivering a natural line that hand gestures are an afterthought. That’s why we’re offering 4 helpful tips on how to avoid the stress and awkwardness that tends to come with being filmed. 

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embedding instagram videos onto your site

How to Embed Your Instagram Video on Your Site

Facebook recently rolled out video on Instagram, leaving both Instagram enthusiasts and Vine users to explore the latest in video sharing. When the social networking giant announced it, too, would offer its users video functionality, consumers and brands gained an additional option to leverage their brand messaging. Right now, Instagram video is the hottest way 

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