in-store video

How Retailers Should Use In-Store Video

Customer expectations have changed over the past several years. While online and mobile shopping provides information at your fingertips, shoppers in-store now expect a more personal and engaging experience. So, what can retailers do to enhance the customer experience? Here, we’ll discuss how retailers can grasp this as an opportunity to use in-store video to stimulate interaction. Live 

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mobile video enterprise

Proof That Mobile Enterprise Video is Here to Stay

The development and advancement of mobile enterprise video is being driven by both users and video producers. As more and more employees choose to work out of the office, the demand for mobile capabilities grows. In order for business executives to meet that demand, they must provide engaging content – and engaging enterprise video content 

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online videos

Why Your Online Videos Need to be Social in 2015

A video strategy that does not include a wide base of platforms simply won’t work today. Brands are utilizing both long and short-form video content to capture their audience and build a social community. It is absolutely imperative when launching a video strategy to recognize your social opportunities and capitalize on them. Long-form Video Long-form 

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generational knowledge

Generational Knowledge Transfer in the Workplace

Once comprised of Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, the modern workplace is sporting a new generation of employees – Millennial and Generation Z workers – that will represent 46% of the entire workforce by 2025. More collectively referred to as “Generation Connected” (Gen C) based on their affinity for digital connectivity, this generation’s preference for collaborative, digital-first, flexible work 

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coaching via video

Coaching via Video

Video is being increasingly utilized as an educational tool – but why? Why should you be sure to include video in your coaching methods? Here, we’ll answer these questions and illustrate why you should coach via video in the workplace. Video allows for variation in instructional delivery, which helps with learning retention. Video is also 

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taxonomy tips

Taxonomy Tips for Video Strategy

How can your brand organize all of its content assets – photography, text, graphics and video – for maximum benefit? In a word: taxonomy. When it comes to content management, creating familial, hierarchical relationships can help to classify online video content and improve searchablility, ultimately contributing to the bottom line. By creating a game plan 

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video marketing in 2015

The State of Video Marketing in 2015

Did you know that 78% of people watch videos online every week already, and it is predicted that by 2018, video will take up 79% of all consumer Internet traffic? It’s true – and many marketers are increasingly capitalizing on the power of video. 69% of marketing, sales, and business professionals are currently utilizing video 

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