An Open Call

This blogger recently found an article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine which had an open call for a video-based learning solution related to Learning Management Systems.

“Video for learning app: Most LMS and LCMS systems do not have a robust process to handle indexing, metadata tagging and time updating for the massive number of videos employees upload. What if there were a video for a learning app that added a secure cloud layer of video management and worked with multiple LMS and content systems? Once again, if our various LMS systems had an open process, this app could be developed by YouTube or Amazon and work on top of our existing systems. Since video is rapidly evolving in our corporate settings, it would be safer to use an app model, rather than try to anticipate our needs for the next three years and build a hard-wired system.”

It just so happens that the KZO Innovations Video Suite is a robust system for uploading videos, with superb indexing, metadata tagging and timed updates. Employees can upload as many videos as they want for sharing and training within an enterprise. The system can technically be integrated for use with any Learning Management System. The KZO Suite also works with Content Management Systems and can be customized based on the user’s needs.

Additionally, the Suite offers content owners the ability to wrap their videos in a SCORM object which will work in any SCORM compliant LMS. This will allow Chief Learning Officers to ensure their videos are being viewed by employees.

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